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Debonair (1/30/14 12:23 PM): Yeah, I kind of want it, but $50 just seems a bit much for me. even with the bahamut pet
Talraen (1/30/14 3:36 PM): I just wasted so much money on FF collector's edition pre-orders, it was great
Talraen (1/30/14 3:36 PM): Also the disc comes with an mp3 export. Just sayin'
Talraen (2/5/14 2:33 AM): Well, I've officially gone nocturnal
Debonair (2/5/14 10:53 AM): sounds fun
Talraen (2/8/14 9:10 AM): Random note that couldn't be less relevant right now: I got a PS4
Debonair (2/10/14 11:37 AM): considering the lack of chat lately, not sure if anything could be considered not relevant to it.(or relevant for that matter)
Talraen (2/24/14 9:17 AM): The good news: the Olympics is over!
Talraen (2/24/14 9:17 AM): The bad news: I just did the math and I've worked an average of 12 hours a day without a day off for 5 weeks and, even accounting for paid weekends, I made the equivalent of $15/hour compared to the same hours with time-and-a-half overtime
Talraen (2/24/14 9:18 AM): Although I did get an extra week of vacation which starts tomorrow. Speaking of which, Bill, if you log in, let me know if you want to do anything Tuesday night, I'll be on LI
Debonair (2/24/14 9:29 PM): tuesday night is raid night for me actually from 9 to 11ish. maybe something earlier could work though?
Talraen (3/11/14 9:27 AM): I was all set to play some good ol' Mario and Zelda games, then they spring double EXP week on me
Talraen (3/11/14 9:27 AM): I got my NPC from 81 to 85 in a single call. It was just silly
Talraen (3/11/14 9:29 AM): I have no idea what the maximum number of mobs killed with her is now. I was at 181 when I stopped because I capped her level and my merits
Debonair (3/11/14 10:30 AM): I did a couple WotG quests last night so I can get back to the missions. completed the bastok stuff I needed to.
Debonair (3/11/14 10:30 AM): It's just silly. at one point was just running through zvahl keep[s] and realised my hp are red as dnc. stop and hit a waltz or 2, then decide to kill everything chasing me.
Debonair (3/11/14 10:31 AM): turns out I was fighting 10+ mobs at that point.
Talraen (3/11/14 10:55 AM): lol
Talraen (3/11/14 10:55 AM): It's hard to tell when tehy can't hit you
Debonair (3/11/14 11:45 AM): yup
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